Wastewater Management 101: Greywater

At Envirotech, we specialise in many areas of wastewater management. This month we take a dive into the subject of greywater.

Not all Wastewater Needs To Be Waste

The term wastewater can be misleading to some people. As more people are becoming aware of the need to conserve and manage the earth’s vital resources, the difference between sewage and greywater is key to sustainable water preservation and wastewater management.


As opposed to sewage or blackwater, greywater is any wastewater that is produced in the home not highly contaminated by fecal matter or pathogens. Greywater can be gathered from many domestic sources – including sinks, baths, washing machines and more.

Where Can I Use Greywater?

The environmental benefit to greywater is that it can safely and easily be treated and reused within a domestic or office environment where food and drinking are not involved. With a successful wastewater management system, treated greywater can be used for garden irrigation, laundry and for toilet cisterns. Effective reuse of Greywater can offer the average household up to 30% reduction in their water usage.

Why Reuse Greywater?

Wastewater management is more and more essential to a sustainable future. By reducing our dependence on fresh water, we save resources, and ease demands on sewage treatment systems and on public water supplies. Reusing greywater may also assist in keeping utility costs down – paying for itself over time! Grey water reuse is also a great option for more remote locations,where consistent and reliable water access can be difficult.

For More Information

To find out more about why to implement a wastewater management system into your commercial or residential site, talk to one of our expert environmental consultants in Sydney We can perform an environmental site assessment, conduct On-site Wastewater Management Reports and even audit your existing wastewater system.

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