Safety in Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Harmful substances in wastewater treatment sites can seriously affect the health and safety of employees. Effective wastewater management requires strict safety practices that follow occupational health and safety laws. Wastewater companies must take preventative actions and exercise disaster preparedness to keep the workplace safe.

Design Considerations
Developing a wastewater treatment plan is a complex process and requires the knowledge of an expert. Factors including design of waterflow, sewage, amount of distribution, corrosive chemicals, and frequency are all taken into account.

Wastewater management sites require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure they don’t present environmental risks. Treatment plants should have a regular maintenance schedule which includes tests, repairs and necessary adjustments to ensure that the plant is operating properly.

Protective gear and hygiene
Wastewater treatment workers must maintain high standards in protection and hygiene. Those who are exposed to infectious materials need to wear protective gear, like safety goggles to keep objects, dust and liquid from getting in the eyes. Respiratory protection should be worn where harmful substances or vapours are present. Proper footwear is necessary to avoid slipping and electrical hazards, while gloves protect hands from chemicals, burns and cuts.

Chemical Storage and Handling
Laboratory areas should be kept both clean and organised. Wastewater laboratories conduct testing which involves hazardous chemicals. If not handled or stored properly, these liquids could cause accidents, injury or illness.

Emergency preparedness
Wastewater treatment plants should have emergency preparedness measures in case of an accident. These include:

  • Explosion and fire safety
  • Evacuation plans
  • Emergency clean-up procedures
  • Disaster management
  • Response plan to disruption caused by power supply, pump failure, etc.

Staff training is also necessary to avoid accidents or damage to the health of workers and the environment.

For More Information
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