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Technical Specifications

Envirotech Look after you from start to finish & beyond. We start with your wastewater design (a council requirement for any treatment system installation) provide a site-specific quotation and commence with installation. We also provide a servicing solution (completely optional - no lock-in contracts).  

System Components & Dimensions

A single concrete 2.45m diameter engineer-designed tank. Buried.

6m long x 1.5m wide underground filter trench. This is finished with a sand top or can have grass turf over the top. 

  • System Specifications
  • Total capacity: 6,500L

  • Emergency storage chamber: 2,000L

  • Advanced Secondary Quality with Nutrient Reduction

  • Annual Servicing

  • 30 mins Power Usage Per Day

  • No Power Usage if System Isn't Used

Site Specifics

A 3m x 3m hole is dug for your tank to be buried. In addition a 6m long x 1.5m wide trench is dug for your ASF (Aerobic Sand Filter). The finish product is the top of a concrete tank lid and a small, long and skinny trench that is finished with sand OR can be turfed over by the client. 

Your Land Application Area (Irrigation) is designed by a licensed geotechnical engineer and could be either Surface / sprinkler spray, subsurface drip or subsurface absorption beds. This depends on council requirements, set back distances from site overlays like water courses or green zones & site boundaries etc.