Soil Testing For Building Projects

Soil is an important resource in any construction project because it serves as a foundation. It is essential that the foundation is strong as the stability of the structure depends on it. Clay, silt, sand, gravel, peat and loam are among the common soil types in a construction site. Each of these soil types differ...
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Difference Between an Environmental Engineer and Civil Engineer

There is often a confusion between an environmental engineer and civil engineer. While both are involved in dealing with planning, designing, construction and maintenance, each one has distinct areas of specialties. Below is a comparison that differentiates the two. Environmental Engineer Deals with water, air and soil contamination, landfills, soil contaminants, industrial runoff and smoke...
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An Insight into what our Ecologists Look for

Our ecologists here at Envirotech look for all evidence of fauna when out on site. ‘Evidence’ does not just include the animals we physically see or hear (bird and frog calls etc), but also traces of animals including scratch/gnaw marks, the identification of faeces (all species faeces is unique making it possible to identify down...
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Are you scared of venomous snakes?

Are you scared of venomous snakes? If you get close enough to identify the shape of their belly scales (as they strike), your fears may be rest assured!   All venomous snakes from the family Elapidae or Elapids have elongated scales on their underside. Species belonging to the Elapidae family include the common eastern brown...
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At EnviroTech, we understand the economic, technical, and environmental factors that influence biodiversity values.


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