Why acoustic assessments are a vital part of any proposed development

At EnviroTech, we’re a company who engage in a wide variety of environmental consultancy work. From professional engineers to bushfire consultants, we have a multi-disciplinary team who can handle any environmental service that will help you meet your local council and state government requirements for approving development applications. Part of our work involves assessing the potential noise impacts associated with proposed developments, known as acoustic assessments. Let’s take a look at why acoustic assessments are so important.

When you’re looking to minimise the noise created by a development, assessing the potential impacts associated with it are key. Every development needs to be created with the most appropriate acoustic solutions in mind, ensuring the surrounding environment is affected in the most minimal way possible.

Ongoing exposure to loud noise can have quite serious long-term effects on the hearing of an individual. Noise and vibration are often referred to nowadays as ‘environmental contaminants’, and thus for a development to be successful, it must accommodate for these contaminants.

Anyone exposed to loud noise throughout a single day will receive brief damage to their inner ear cells, something that is referred to as a ‘temporary threshold shift’. The ear will generally repair itself quite quickly from this threshold shift, so it’s not a huge concern. However, if an individual is susceptible to this noise consistently, the inner ear cells will become extremely damaged. This results in a ‘permanent threshold shift’ and severe damage to the individuals hearing.

Vibration is often continuous, impulsive or intermittent, and each of these can cause quite a bit of damage. It’s imperative that any development that may create powerful vibrations is assessed so that the correct measures can be taken.

If vibration levels are too high after they have been assessed, various measures can be taken in order to reduce them, like choosing lower-impact equipment, making sure vibration heavy machines are not used at the same time, using high vibration equipment at the least sensitive time of the day and so forth.

So, in order for a proposed development to be able to run successfully, it’s imperative that an acoustic assessment is undertaken, through both noise and vibration analyses. When loud noise is inevitable in a workplace, it’s imperative that the appropriate hearing protection is worn.

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