How we can work with the environment toward a sustainable future

With the growing population comes a greater need to find new ways to protect the environment. The best way we can do this is by working with our environment, in various areas, and developing plans in each of these areas that will both cater for the short term and the long term. From wastewater management to acoustic assessments in Sydney, we’re here to help. Here are the ways we can all work with the environment toward a sustainable future.

It’s imperative that we as a collective begin to understand new ways to care for the environment. There are many ways we can all do our bit, and we’re generally getting a lot better at this, but it’s the professionals in the environmental industry who can help make drastic changes.

Wastewater treatment & management

As rainfall is declining in parts of Australia, we must do what we can to preserve as much water as we can. Maintaining our wastewater – the mixture of human waste and water that comes from homes and businesses – will have enormous environmental benefits, allowing for more reusable water, lower rates of disease and being economically beneficial by creating more jobs.

Stormwater management

Stormwater is the runoff of water produced by rain. As with wastewater, correctly managing this water will provide more reusable water for all. Stormwater management in Sydney also involves the creation of a flood analysis by an expert stormwater engineer, ensuring everyone is safe if a flooding problem is to occur in a home or workplace.

Environmental site assessments

Before any building project begins, the site should be assessed for contaminants. Contaminated land is a major issue for the community and something that needs to be dealt with prior to any construction. Contaminants like lead, asbestos and pesticides may be present and these can all be harmful. If these are present, action plans must be produced so this issue can be solved promptly. Remediation of a site has massive environmental, social and economic benefits, no matter what the site is to be used for.

Acoustic assessments

These are a vital component of any new development. Noise and vibration have a far greater impact on humans than many people think. Loud noise can cause temporary threshold shifts in the inner ear cells, but these cells can usually repair themselves. However, if exposure is continued, this can progress to permanent threshold shifts in the cells, where hearing can become permanently damaged.

Flora and fauna assessments

In order to safely preserve the biodiversity on any given site, assessments of the flora and fauna are key. A thorough assessment of the vegetation and the animal life on a site is extremely important in determining whether the site is suitable to build on or not. Looking after our flora and fauna is a major priority.

Reducing our corporate footprint

The workplace is one of the main areas we need to focus on when it comes to caring for our environment. A lot of recyclable waste is discarded thoughtlessly every day. While we are getting a lot better at this collectively, reusable cups and so forth are still not used enough.

Occupational hygiene assessments

Creating a safer workplace for all is key. It’s extremely important that risks are assessed, controlled and evaluated, and that hazards are consistently monitored so that injury and illness is minimised. For example, this can involve the inspection of asbestos in a building and include ways to combat the issue if necessary, creating a safe workspace.

At EnviroTech, we have a team of scientists and engineers who provide a range of environmental and engineering services. By working with the environment, we aim to constantly provide ways to care for it. For the best geotechnical consultants in Sydney, give us a call on 1300 888 324 today!