3 reasons why drainage is important on site

In Sydney, stormwater management is an extremely important task that needs to be completed, especially when working on a site. Site managers and supervisors carry many responsibilities when it comes to wastewater management, and one of the most important aspects of wastewater management. Although it may seem like a minor thing, achieving and maintaining proper drainage is extremely important, as if left unchecked, poor or no drainage can result in heavy environmental, financial and labour costs.

Environmental regulations

Due to the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, site owners and managers are responsible for managing the water pollution within the site, which includes managing the stormwater within the site. The state recognises the importance of water pollution due to the detriment that water pollution can have on the water supply, the environment and the health of the population.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognises stormwater pollution as water pollution from a diffuse source, which means that the pollution can come from a variety of sources, rather than having the pollution come from a single source, such as the addition of chemicals.

Safety measures

Although it might seem unassuming, stormwater can actually have a lot of dangers which can result in financial costs, labour costs and hours of lost time. For example, as stormwater accumulates and moves, it can pick up objects such as metal filings and glass shards, which can injure unsuspecting people. As well as this, the opaqueness of most bodies of stormwater makes it difficult to judge depth, which can result in injury and hours of lost time.

Infrastructure damage

If left unchecked, water damage to buildings can become one of the most serious types of infrastructure damage. Water damage can range from the development of damp spots and mould forming, to entire sections of a building collapsing due to rotting within the structure. If stormwater is left unchecked, it can move offsite and cause damage to nearby infrastructure.

All of these issues are a reasons why you need proper drainage on your site. Drainage is only one of the tasks that needs to be completed in order to complete an effective stormwater management plan. If you need a high-quality stormwater drainage plan for your site, talk to EnviroTech. Our experienced team of stormwater engineers will work with you to find out the perfect solution for any stormwater issues that your site may have. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 1300 888 324 today.