Why Hire a Geotechnical Engineer for Your Next Project

The different characteristics of soil and earth conditions makes development and construction projects a little challenging. The services of a professional geotechnical expert is highly recommended in order to ensure that the newly built home or building project is suitable to the site’s physical environment.

A geotechnical engineer conducts geotechnical site investigation and assessment in order to ascertain the stability of the site. He has the expertise and extensive understanding of geotechnics, geology and construction that enables him to provide recommendations and solutions for a solid geotechnical design.

If you’re planning to build a new home or a building, the soil conditions must be determined so the Structural Engineers can suitably plan the design of the concrete foundation. In order to identify this, the Geotechnical engineer will analyse the site and supply a geotechnical assessment report that states how much weight the soil can carry, what kind of foundation is appropriate and what measures should be taken to avoid problems. These reports are usually required by the local government as a part of the project permit application.

Geotechnical experts can conduct engineering services including geological evaluation, subsurface investigation, foundation design, retaining wall design, slope stability assessment, pavement design, soil erosion assessment, salinity assessment, acid sulphate soil management, contamination assessment and dam site investigation. These services can be applied to residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Hiring a geotechnical engineer is important to ensure the safety of development projects. A construction project with a well-designed geotechnical and construction plan prevents the risk of damage, accidents and costs on unnecessary foundation types, support structures and restructure.

Highly qualified geotechnical engineering services will ensure a hassle-free and successful construction project. If you have any questions about geotechnical engineering services, contact a fully–licensed geotechnical engineering consultant on 1300 888 324 or email

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