How a stormwater engineer can help you

Whether you’re in the city or out in the country, there will come a time that you will find yourself affected by stormwater. Many cities, suburbs, parks and farms have issues when it comes to stormwater, whether it be redirection, treatment or disposal. Fortunately, for when issues with stormwater arise, or if you know that they’re going to appear, you can rely on a stormwater consultant to bring you those stormwater survival strategies. If you find yourself in need of some stormwater strategies, there are many stormwater and geotechnical consultants in Sydney that can help you.

Stormwater drainage

If left unchecked, stormwater can begin to accumulate in depressions in the ground, such as potholes, dirt or concrete channels and dried-up riverbeds. Whether in the city or in the country, stormwater that has built up can result in thousands of dollars in damages. However, there are many different stormwater drainage strategies that can save work and money in any street or farming property.  As Sydney has a layout that includes both urban and rural areas, stormwater engineers have years of experience in developing urban and rural stormwater drainage solutions.

Stormwater disposal

If stormwater is left unchecked and no stormwater drainage solution has been put in place, the accumulated stormwater will have to be disposed of. Even though stormwater disposal may sound as easy as using a pump to transfer the water elsewhere, there are many hurdles that need to be overcome before you can get rid of the stormwater, such as council permits and working your way around any existing infrastructure. As Sydney’s councils have varying requirements for stormwater disposal, and the infrastructure across Sydney varies heavily from one district to another, Sydney’s geotechnical and stormwater consultants have become used to a range of issues regarding stormwater disposal.

Stormwater treatment

Although drainage and disposal are meant to remedy the damage that is done by stormwater, stormwater still has many practical applications, such as providing water to a community or watering large areas of farmland. For those who want to obtain the benefits of stormwater, a stormwater collection system is needed. But, stormwater can’t simply be collected. It needs also needs to be treated, so that any chemicals that the stormwater has picked up can be removed. For those who have stormwater that needs to be treated, there are many stormwater engineers across Sydney who provide urban and rural stormwater treatment services, including quality assessments and treatment plans.

Because of the many different urban and rural environments throughout Sydney, stormwater engineers have a lot of experience in assessing situations and developing strategies related to stormwater. Whether you’re in an urban or a rural setting, if you’re having issues with stormwater, call one of Sydney’s leaders in stormwater management, Envirotech Consulting Group. Our experienced team of engineers and consultants will work with you to find the best stormwater management strategy. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 1300 888 324.