Difference Between an Environmental Engineer and Civil Engineer

There is often a confusion between an environmental engineer and civil engineer. While both are involved in dealing with planning, designing, construction and maintenance, each one has distinct areas of specialties.

Below is a comparison that differentiates the two.

Environmental Engineer

  • Deals with water, air and soil contamination, landfills, soil contaminants, industrial runoff
    and smoke plumes
  • Concentrates in water management
    and treatment, air quality, ecology,
    geotechnical remediation and
    chemical processing
  • Conducts inspection, evaluation and reporting for environmental
    regulation compliance
  • Resolves problems caused by
    increasing population, natural
    disasters, intense land activities
    and pollution
  • Serve as a technical advisor in developing design solutions for environmental problems
  • Specialises in ecological engineering
Civil Engineer

  • Deals with buildings, steel, concrete, construction, soil mechanics bridges, land development and infrastructure
  • Concentrates in analysis, design, construction and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of a development project
  • Analyses survey reports and other data in order to plan development project
  • Supervises construction projects and structural systems to monitor safety regulations
  • Ensures the overall safety of construction job
  • May be involved in different areas of engineering

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