An Insight into what our Ecologists Look for

Our ecologists here at Envirotech look for all evidence of fauna when out on site. ‘Evidence’ does not just include the animals we physically see or hear (bird and frog calls etc), but also traces of animals including scratch/gnaw marks, the identification of faeces (all species faeces is unique making it possible to identify down to species level), and bones.

More detailed assessments may involve sending off hair and faeces samples to specialists to identify. Faeces samples are particularly interesting as they can give us an insight into what prey species make up an animal’s diet, and thus what prey species occur in an area. Did you know that fox remains have been found inside dingo faeces? Bringing bags of faeces back to the office to identify can gross some people out.

Here is an incomplete scull of a brushtail possum, which was found on a site in Kurrajong. Since the fauna assessment was only undertaken during the day time, this finding provided additional information regarding which nocturnal species live in the area at night time.

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