Stormwater Management Strategies

Any water that is a product of condensation such as rainwater or melted snow eventually absorbs into the ground, this process produces what we call stormwater. Naturally, the ground will absorb the water runoffs and in one form or another it is discharged into a body of water such as rivers, coastal waters, and ocean. Stormwater has been a serious issue in urban areas due to the development of impermeable surfaces including cemented parking lots, concreted roads, and dense soil. This factor obstructs rain water from penetrating into the ground causing it to retain on compacted surfaces.

While urban runoffs gush over pavement surfaces, it accumulates debris and contaminants that can make its way into waterways. This results in:

  • Contamination of bodies of water (lakes, streams, lake, sea)
  • Eroding of water catchment areas
  • Destruction of marine habitat and aquatic species
  • Risks to the human health
  • Infrastructure damage

The collection of stormwater through the use of pipe networks has been a conventional method of transporting the water discharged into wastewater treatment plants, however this method cannot stop the cause of stormwater. The good news is, runoff occurrences can be handled by the systemic approach of stormwater management in Sydney using strategic designing and site planning that includes but not limited to:

  • Strategic designing of the site
  • Tactical landscape planning
  • Stormwater Quantity
  • Stormwater Quality
  • Erosion Control
  • Sediment Control
  • Floor Risk Assessment

Our qualified environmental engineers strive to revive the natural state of hydrologies using these methods. These Stormwater Management strategies will prevent any pollutants from entering the waterways and causing serious damages to other bodies of water.

Our environmental consultants in Sydney perform a range of stormwater management solutions to prevent the hazards brought by unmanaged stormwater. Their integrated management approach in providing environmental engineering strategies truly ensures a sustainable environment and a healthy life to surrounding communities.

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