How an environmental consultant can help you

  Across Sydney, there are many sites and premises that fall victim to poor environmental practices, with many not even knowing that these practices are occurring. If you believe that your site or premises may be victim to poor environmental practices, one thing you can do is contact an environmental consultant. Environmental consultants can assist...
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How a stormwater engineer can help you

Whether you’re in the city or out in the country, there will come a time that you will find yourself affected by stormwater. Many cities, suburbs, parks and farms have issues when it comes to stormwater, whether it be redirection, treatment or disposal. Fortunately, for when issues with stormwater arise, or if you know that...
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Difference Between an Environmental Engineer and Civil Engineer

There is often a confusion between an environmental engineer and civil engineer. While both are involved in dealing with planning, designing, construction and maintenance, each one has distinct areas of specialties. Below is a comparison that differentiates the two. Environmental Engineer Deals with water, air and soil contamination, landfills, soil contaminants, industrial runoff and smoke...
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An Insight into what our Ecologists Look for

Our ecologists here at Envirotech look for all evidence of fauna when out on site. ‘Evidence’ does not just include the animals we physically see or hear (bird and frog calls etc), but also traces of animals including scratch/gnaw marks, the identification of faeces (all species faeces is unique making it possible to identify down...
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Why Hire a Geotechnical Engineer for Your Next Project

The different characteristics of soil and earth conditions makes development and construction projects a little challenging. The services of a professional geotechnical expert is highly recommended in order to ensure that the newly built home or building project is suitable to the site’s physical environment. A geotechnical engineer conducts geotechnical site investigation and assessment in...
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At EnviroTech, we understand the economic, technical, and environmental factors that influence biodiversity values.


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