Since 1992
*The GREENER option for treating household waste
*A trusted system for over 30 years, strongly focused on the environment
*Industry first - blockage free filter. No sand or geofabric that blocks up traditional filters






The most low-cost system on the market, over its design life.

Drought Resistant - Water your garden during times of drought or water restrictions
Save your money - Reusing wastewater outdoors reduces a household’s potable water use by up to 50%. Saving money in costly water bills.
Better for the Environment – the sealed filter system does not allow wastewater to enter the environment until it has passed through a seven-stage filtration & recycling process.
Industry First No sand or geofabric is present inside the Aerobic sand Filter – which causes traditional sand filters to block. Our filtration is pressurized with a low-power pump and therefore can't block up.
Single tank only - Uses a single, all-in-one tank, manufactured in one sturdy cast – no glued in baffle walls. Thicker walls means more longevity.
Higher quality effluent - produced through a ‘Recirculating Aerobic Sand Filter’. This allows for a smaller footprint on site, approx. half the size of regular sand filter beds.
✔ Complies to current AS1546.3:2017 Australian Standard .

We look after you from start to finish and beyond.

No matter what stage of building, renovating or planning you are in. Envirotech Treatment Systems offer a complete service from start to finish. We can also look after your site assessment, soil testing & effluent disposal plan. Once your system is installed, we look after all your servicing requirements.
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